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Incense has been used for thousands of years in all cultures around the world.  In 1992, Kamala began experimenting with her own incenses.  Incense combines all of her knowledge and talents in scent, herbs, and oils; and this has resulted in Kamala's Own™ line of incenses.  These includes sticks and cones as well as powder and resin blends you will find only at Kamala's.  However, all of your favorite scents, such as Egyptian Musk, Nag Champa, and Dragon's Blood Resin, are well represented.  Kamala is always discovering new ingredients and new ways of combining them.  Check out the Snozzberry incense sticks and cones in our Fun Fragrances  selection.  We have also recently developed a line that is 100% natural and includes resins and powders in stick form, a great replacement for when charcoal is inconvenient.
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Classix™ (scents like patchouli, rose, sandalwood, etc.)
Importz™ (scents like nag champa, red poppies, super hit, etc.)
Smudj™ (several different sage smudge sticks)
Solidz™ (incense that requires a charcoal, like frankincense resin)
Candle-Making Supplies
Accessories (charcoal, abalone shell, sand)
Incense Burners
Mixerz™ (ingredients to make your own recipes)
Custom-Made Incense
Oil-Based Sticks (100-stick bundles using your choice of any oil we carry)
Designed from Scratch (incense created specifically for your intent using oils, resins, and/or powders and made into stick or charcoal form)
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