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Santa Fe Smudj™ smudge sticks

The Scent:  This has a much lighter scent than most other sage sticks i have tried, particularly of white sage, and the scent does not seem to linger as long.
Additional Info:  Is this a lot to pay for a simple smudge stick? Not when you consider what this smudge stick is. First, this smudge stick is made from wildharvested sage found in the sacred lands surrounding Santa Fe, New Mexico. Then, it is loosely hand wrapped, not pressed and machine wrapped like some others. This allows a freer burn. Finally, this is a huge smudge stick!  They are a minimum of 11 inches long with a diameter starting at approximately 2 inches. Properly stored in its ziplock bag and away from moisture, this special example of a hand-made sage smudge should last you untold years or ceremonies. As soon as we can, we will take a picture and get it posted. This smudge lights quickly and makes a lot of smoke. I think this is because it is hand wrapped. It is also easier to put out because it isn't wrapped as tight as other smudges.

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