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Kamala's Most Expensive Essential Oils
Includes Oud, Rose, Champa, Neroli, Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose, and Hemp

This is a sampler package of the most expensive essential oils we keep in stock. You get seven 1/5-dram (about 30 drops) bottles, one each of Oud, Rose, Champa, Neroli, Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose, and Hemp
Label Information:  These are seven of the most expensive essential oils with which we have come in contact. All are naturally produced using steam distillation or CO2 extraction, and all cost us more than $150 per ounce wholesale. OUD (agarwood): Some companies simply provide agarwood oil and call it oud. However, true oud must come from an agarwood tree that has been infected by a specific species of fungus. It is this interaction that produces the truely transformative chemicals. The oil itself is warming, balancing, purifying, and transcendent.--ROSE: It takes 2000 pounds of rose petals to produce 1 fluid ounce of essential oil. This is the most expensive rose oil we have ever seen. The roses are organically grown in the Himalayas. The oil itself is cleansing, purifying, antidepressant, and aphrodisiac. it regulates menstrual cycle, relieves headaches, and soothes shock and grief. It is used for peace, sex, and beauty.--CHAMPA: This is the champa used to make nag champa incense and is often refered to as champaca, part of its scientific name. We have at this point located no evidence of therapeutic effect of this oil, although there are many mentions of its use in perfumery.--NEROLI: Also known as bitter orange flower, this oil is used mostly to raise the spirits and calm the mind. It also has antispasmodic properties and is very soothing to the skin.--JASMINE SAMBAC: This plant is another of the floral essential oils which require large quantities of raw materials to produce usable amounts of oil. The oil itself is used for dysentery, skin ulcers, and tumors as well as for its rejuvinating, empowering scent. Many know it by its Hawaiian name, Pikaki.--TUBEROSE: Lily-like in appearance, this was very popular flower in the Victorian period because it gave off its scent in the evening, when fair-skinned women would venture outside. Most of the effect seems to come from the scent itself, as this flower enhances creativity, harmony, and sensuality.--HEMP: Hemp essential oil is relatively new on the aromatherapy market. The claimed properties of this oil seem endless, as do the uses for the plant itself. While containing no THC, this oil can be used externally for skin problems and joint inflammation or internally as an antibiotic.
Additional Information:  This is a sampler package of the most expensive essential we keep in stock.  You get seven 1/5-dram (about 30 drops) bottles, one each of

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